100 Random Fact About Me

100 random things about me

This will be edited whenever I’m not lazy.

  1. I was born with two first names and no middle name.
  2. I’m from Buffalo, NY area
  3. I live in NYC now
  4. I love musical theatre and want to win a Tony
  5. I basically want to be in a show on Broadway so I can come out the stage door and sign playbills like I’m famous
  6. Cheeseburgers are in my list of top 5 foods.
  7. Pizza, Chicken Wings, Chicken Parmigianna  and Cereal are on the list.
  8. Yes, Cereal. I could eat cereal for all 3 meals a day.
  9. Which is a lie because I often eat 5 meals a day.
  10. I used to play soccer a lot when I was little – for 10 years actually.
  11. Looking at me now, you’d never be able to tell.
  12. I came out in 9th grade.
  13. My first relationship lasted over 3 years, on and off.
  14. I sometimes fear that I will never meet “the one”
  15. I also don’t know if “the one” exists.
  16. I’m obsessed with Lost, Greys Anatomy, Scandal, Downton Abbey, and Project Runway.
  17. I sometimes wish I could be a fashion designer.
  18. I’m somewhat of a home body. I like to stay home by myself and my dog and watch tv.
  19. I have a dog – Izzy – she’s a Jack Russel/Rat Terrier mix and she’s my bff.
  20. I know how to Knit and Crochet and I’m not ashamed to say that.
  21. I’m working on my masters in Musical Theatre right now at a school in NYC.
  22. I am OBSESSED with Peanut Butter M&M’s.
  23. Also with Coke Zero. NOMS.
  24. I have a PS3 and like to play video games.
  25. I’m basically a nerd.

4 thoughts on “100 Random Fact About Me

  1. I’m right there with you. I could watch LOST and Project Runway all day. I look forward to the day when you’ll come out of the stage door to sign my playbill. Do you have a favorite show on (or off) Broadway right now?

    • AHHH you’re so sweet! I’ve watched the complete series of Lost twice now and want to start it again. It’s just so addicting! Are you watching this current season of Project Runway? It’s really interesting and SO full of drama, it’s pretty great haha.

      Right now, my favorite show on Broadway is “Vanya, Sanya, Masha and Spike”, but it is closing in the next couple weeks. It’s probably the best play I have ever seen. Musical wise, I LOVED Kinky Boots!

      • You know, I wasn’t watching Project Runway this season but my sister and I just randomly decided to tune in for the carnival challenge and we’re hooked again. It is super dramatic this season! And they gave Tim some clout which I’m always a fan of =)

        We just saw “Around the World in 80 Days” tonight and we’re off to see “Pippin” tomorrow, but “Kinky Boots” is definitely on my list. I wish we could’ve had a chance to see “Vanya, Sanya, Masha and Spike” though. So many shows so little time!

      • Ahh yay! Pippin is one of the most incredible shows I have EVER seen on Broadway. You obviously already knew that based on the raving post I wrote about it not too long ago haha. You’re going to absolutely love it.

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