I’m Sorrrrrrry

Hey everyone. Everyone? I mean the 2 people who read this? (And that might even be pushing it).

Let me just apologize for being completely MIA since my last post. School has really picked up, and honestly the last thing I have been wanting to do is sit in my bedroom glued to my computer. I want to be able to sit ANYWHERE.

Hence, I’m buying a laptop. And not only that, last week I bought a domain. A DOMAIN. So, this blog will soon be transported over somewhere else, and I’ll make this page a placeholder to guide you over there. Because honestly, once I get everything working, things are gonna be CRAY and AMAZING.

I’ve got a ton of great things coming up soon, writing wise, that I’m pretty excited about and I will be sure to update about those as soon as I can.

And I will be returning to the challenges at YeahWrite.me as soon as I can as well.

Again, SORRY for being missing in action for FOREVER. Don’t leave meeeeeeee.


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