How did YOU end up here?

Since I started to take blogging more seriously, I’ve been keeping an eye on my stats. Most importantly, my search engine results – what have people searched in order to find my blog?

The results have been well, so far.

Most have been Broadway or Theatre related, which is exactly why I started this blog. Obviously, I’ve taken a bit of a detour lately, only because I’m dirt poor and can’t afford to go see shows right now to write about (although I did see Newsies a little bit ago and keep forgetting to write about it).

The most common search so far has been “marc shaiman and scott wittman” – probably because of my Reasons Why I Will Miss Smash. I knew I wasn’t the only fan out there! Ye-ha!

The next most common has been “Pippin Broadway 2013”, because of my 6 Reasons You MUST See Pippin, which if you STILL haven’t taken that seriously, just go to YouTube and watch some videos. Dead.

Some of the other searches have been relating to Pippin, such as searching for Patina Miller, or even Laura Osnes, who is playing Cinderella on Broadway.

My favorite so far has been “why are books awesome” – somebody actually searched that on Bing! Who knew that 1)People used Bing to search for things, and 2) That that was basically what I called that post – 5 Reasons Books Are Freakin’ Awesome. I’m glad that somebody was able to find my blog from that search, because duh books are my favorite.

But there was one search that caught my off guard a bit, and I knew I had to share it.

Somebody was able to find my blog by searching:

“proof jake gayhellan is gay”

Now, I’m guessing they meant Jake Gyllenhaal? I’m not sure who Jake Gayhellan is, and even searching that comes up with nothing. I even searched “proof Jake Gyllenhaal is gay” and didn’t find much. I’m just super surprised that somebody was able to find MY blog from searching “proof jake gayhellan is gay”.

I’m just going to take a page from someone’s book and pretend that this is just good publicity for me. At this point, I’ll take what I can get!

Thanks Jake!


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