Finding My Central Perk


Since I moved to the city, I have been looking for my own version of “Central Perk”. If you unaware of what that reference is, it’s from Friends, and that is what we no longer can be if you didn’t know what I was talking about.

There’s always been something appealing about taking my laptop out (uhhh iPad for now I suppose), sitting on an overstuffed chair with alternative music playing in the background, and writing. From there, of course, I would pen the next great American novel.

I liked to blame my lack of progress of my writing endeavors on the fact that I couldn’t find the write cafe that deserved my talent (yeah right…).

But I no longer can use that as an excuse, because yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, I found it!

On 122nd and Amsterdam, steps from Columbia, I found my Central Perk. Max Cafe is everything I have been looking for in a cafe – multiple couches, an abundance of plush chairs, an outdoor patio, house music playing softly in the background, and of course, free wifi. As cliche as it sounds, the second I stepped into the cafe I became inspired. I wanted to read books here, drink coffee, write in my blog and journals, go on a date, the ideas are limitless. The fact that I can come here and just hang out with friends is such an appealing feature – as crazy as it sounds, sometimes it’s hard to find things to do in this city. Most the time they’re too expensive to too far away – Max Cafe is maybe a ten minute walk from my apartment, and the coffee is worth it. In fact, I’m writing this entry from there now. Yippee!

And who knows, maybe I will write my first book here. It might not be a good one, but at least I was able to find my Central Perk.


3 thoughts on “Finding My Central Perk

  1. Love this! I lived on the Upper West Side for almost eight years before I moved away this past November, and I loved every second of walking those streets. Glad you found a place to write and to be.

    • Ah, that’s awesome! I am in love with the UWS. I’ve walked along the UES a couple times and have visited my friends apartments over there, but it doesn’t have the community feeling I get from the UWS. That’s where I want to be able to end up eventually. It’s such a fantastic area!

  2. Ahh ‘Central Perk’… I have yet to find something even close to this place in India. (I’m crazy about ‘Friends’). Here you have cafes where a decent conversation is difficult coz the music being played is so loud….so with the high pitched voices all around, u can’t even enjoy a peaceful time with your novel! Huh!! 😦

    Came to your blog through Write tribe! Hope at Max Cafe you get inspired enough to write the next great American novel. 🙂

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