The Attack of the M&M’s

This past winter, I was in a production of “The Marriage of Figaro” here at NYU. We started rehearsals in late February and had 4 performances in early April.

The show was double cast. This means that there were 2 people for every 1 role. We had two entirely different casts, each given 2 performances each. You rehearsed with your cast, and you performed with your cast. You also sat around forever with your cast, while the other cast had their rehearsals.

There were days when both casts were called, and yet only one was running the show. The other cast would have to sit in the audience from 6pm to 11:30pm, sometimes later, entertaining themselves with their laptops, iPads, playing cards, or taking naps on their pillows.

Once these kinds of rehearsals began, I knew that the only way I would be able to get through the night would be to have candy. I know myself – I love candy. I really do. And if I’m sitting in a seat for 5+ hours, I’m going to need something to make the experience worthwhile.

Enter Peanut Butter M&M’s. My savior. My best friend. My love. Every time the rehearsal had the other cast perform, I would walk down the street to Duane Reade and pick up a bag of Peanut Butter M&M’s for me and my cast. We all would bring in various candies, but the goldmine were these M&M’s. Nobody, not even me, had had them before (which is surprising because I’M OBSESSED WITH M&M’S).

I would always have a handful or two left over after rehearsal and would take them back to my apartment with me. Because the majority of my classes the next day were in the afternoon, I would need to unwind for a bit when I got home, sometimes staying up past 2am. I would get on my computer, log on to Facebook and pull of Candy Crush, and start to relax.

Enter Farm Heroes Saga. By the creators of Candy Crush, THIS GAME IS AMAZING. It’s basically Candy Crush, but with produce. How awesome is that?

Enter the problem. I would start to play this game around midnight, unconsciously eating the remainder of the bag of Peanut Butter M&M’s. One second they were there, the next, POOF, gone! Where’d they go? In my belly, that’s where.

The next rehearsal, I would go and get another bag for my cast. ENTER ANOTHER PROBLEM – the cast wouldn’t eat as many as they would before! My backpack was full of these candies on my way home, patiently waiting for me to get into my bedroom so they could take over my mind and force me to eat all of them while playing Farm Heroes Saga. POOF, two hours later and the entire bag is empty. I yet again, without realizing it, ate the entire bag while playing this stupid game.

Now that it’s August, I’ve been able to control myself. I play the game only occasionally, and don’t let myself eat candy, ANY CANDY, when I do. I have had Peanut Butter M&M’s  frequently, but I make sure my friends share them with me.

But here’s the real zinger – whenever I play Farm Heroes Saga, I can TASTE the M&M’s. It’s like my body associates the game with these candies! It’s exactly the same vice versa – when I get the M&M’s, I immediately want to go and play this game!

Is there a rehab for candy&game obsession? I may need to be admitted.

Hello, my name is Jacob, and I am addicted to Peanut Butter M&M’s and Farm Heroes Saga.


6 thoughts on “The Attack of the M&M’s

  1. Your post was a great reminder for me to never try Candy Crush or Farm Heroes Saga. It’s too late for the peanut butter M&M’s. Those things rule the candy world!

  2. I haven’t tried any of the three and I may be a little too addictive personality to begin …so I think I’ll just stay away and take your word for it. It sounds like you have some strange version of phantom limb pain.

    • I really think that’s what it is – phantom limb. The m&ms need farm heroes saga. They’re not complete without each other. Oh my god, I need to stop… Haha

  3. I can’t decide if I love or hate the idea of another Candy Crush type game. I love candy too (though not PBM&Ms, give me some gummy peaches instead, mmmmm) and now you’ve made me want some.

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