5 Reasons Why Books are Freakin’ Awesome

Now that it’s August, for many of us it feels like Summer is starting to come to an end. We had set a list of goals we wanted to accomplish this summer (work out, eat well, have a ton of fun – none of these things really went as planned), and now it’s the final stretch. September brings back to school, the beginning of large projects, and cooler weather. But just because summer is over doesn’t mean that “Summer Reading” is coming to an end – Reading is good ANYTIME! Don’t believe me? Well, lucky for you, here are 5 Reasons Why Books are Freakin’ Awesome!



Remember when Harry Potter made reading cool again? Well guess what, it’s still cool! Most of my generation grew up reading these books – the reason why we got into reading in the first place was because we needed to know what happened next in this series. And of course, you were COOL if you read Harry Potter. But let’s not forget, J.K. Rowling is a fantastic storyteller. Even reading the series now as an adult (Sure, a young adult, but still an adult), I still get lost in the fantasy and the friendships. It doesn’t matter your age or how much you like to read – this is the perfect series to lose yourself in.


2) Reading is COOL!

Seriously, reading is cool. It doesn’t matter what kind of book you like, there is a book for EVERYONE. Like mystery? Covered. Love Historical Fiction? Got it. Want to know how to fix your lawnmower? It’s out there! Like I said with Harry Potter – it doesn’t matter what reading level you are at, there is a book for everyone! My own mother doesn’t like reading too much – she enjoys flipping through a magazine, sometimes reading the articles but mostly just glancing through. Until I exposed her to Jodi Picoult, one of my all time favorite authors. And now she can’t get enough – every time I talk to her she is ecstatic about the new one she is reading. If my mother, the woman who solely read magazines for the majority of my life, can find enjoyment in reading books, SO CAN YOU. BECAUSE IT’S COOL.


3) The book is ALWAYS better than the movie

This is not an exaggeration. The only exception, as cliché as this sounds, would MAYBE be the Hunger Games. I reread the book the day the movie came out and was surprised how much they were able to fit in. But even with Harry Potter, the books are vastly superior to the movie. If you were one of the few who really loved Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby, trust me – the book is SO much better. The problem with books being made into movies is that often the author has no say in the script writing process. With the exception of J.K. Rowling, who had a say over the majority of the movie series, Authors usually sign away their rights when the movie is being created. Because of this, the movies tend to take drastic detours from the book, often to negative results. Trust me on this one guys, the books are worth checking out, even if the movie is terrible.


4) Bookcases Are Just So Cool!

I’ve always been impressed when I walk into somebody’s office or apartment and see their bookcases stocked full of amazing books. But who needs to have a square bookshelf when yours can be shaped like The United States! Or what about this one:


Like, COME ON. Bookshelves/Bookcasesare awesome. Don’t think that just because people have a ton of books on their shelves that they’re stuck up or pretentious. “Ohhh look they read so many books. OOOO”. Looking through someone’s bookshelves will often reveal who they are MUCH MORE than what they’ve already told you. You may think your friend is quiet, reserved, and an introvert, but one glance at their bookshelves will reveal “Fifty Shades of Grey” or even “Jurassic Park”. AWESOME. But just look how beautiful those bookcases are – not only is it awesome to display everything you’ve read, but it also adds decoration to your home! SCORE.


5) Reading on the subway makes your trip go SO much faster

I’m adding this one last because it applies most to me and all other New Yorkers. I know some people can’t read in the car or in anything the moves, so reading on the subway might not be for you. Everyday, I ride the A train from 125th to W 4th st. On a good day, it may take only 20-25 minutes. On a bad day, as long as 35-40. But thankfully I always have a book in my bag and WHOOOSHHH it feels like I was in a time warp. Reading distracts you from your mundane life, especially when you may have a commute that is over an hour every day. But for me, I look forward to that hour. I’ll even sometimes take the local train, because even though it adds an extra ten minutes sometimes, I’m almost always guaranteed a seat to read my book. I’ll even read in a train that is overcrowded – I don’t care about the side glances someone gives me – reading makes me forget that my butt is touching other butts so that I don’t need to freak out about all the butt touching going on. Moral of the story, reading lets you forget about butt touching.

In all seriousness, Reading is one of my favorite things to do. I don’t care how nerdy it is, reading is just plain awesome and I really believe everyone should read. There is honestly nothing better than waking up on a beautiful day in August and sit in the sun with a great book. You’ll be surprised how much better you will feel after only 20 minutes. Believe me, I’m an expert reader.

PS. Need more convincing? Check out this AWESOME library!


6 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Books are Freakin’ Awesome

  1. I have so many things to say about this I barely know how to start. Harry Potter? Yes, please. I was just contemplating starting the series over again for probably the 10th times. Also, I totally agree with you on The Hunger Games. I really didn’t like the book, but, astonishingly, I loved the movie. Last, bookshelves. When we moved into our new house I co-opted an entire wall of build-in bookshelves to house my ever-growing collection, and it’s my most favorite corner of my house.

    • I’m thinking about starting the series again too! When I moved to New York last year, I wasn’t able to find a job so I decided to reread the series. Didn’t realize it would only take me 1 week because it was ALL I would do! Haha.

      OMG that’s what I want on my walls. I’m waiting for a few paychecks before I splurge on some decent shelves to expand my library. I’ve double shelved my books on my bookcase right now!

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  3. Haha! Researching for a book presentation I have to do for English, on Harry Potter in fact, and I think this blog just made my day 😀 And yes, bookshelves really are awesome, I found a treble cleff shaped book shelf on Tumblr once!

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