6 Reasons why you MUST see Pippin

Moving onto the 2nd challenge over at Yeah Write, the task is to create a List Post. There’s a reason why I read Buzzfeed – most of their articles are list posts and are fucking hilarious. I’ve also already done one: Reasons Why I’ll Miss Smash, which was incredibly fun to write.

Thinking of topics that I wanted to explore, my mind immediately went to the fact I’m in a LDR, aka Long Distance Relationship – one of the most difficult things I think a person can go through, honestly. And this isn’t my first, it’s my SECOND. Holy shit. My intention was to write “How to Survive a LDR”, but I’m trying to stay in my niche and have a little more focus. (However, I’ve saved what I’ve written so far of that post and will post it eventually. I know that I can’t ALWAYS write about Broadway because helllllloooo I’m more than your stereotypical gay guy, duh.)

But for now, hopefully this will help you understand why I was blown away this past Tuesday when I saw Pippin. Here is:

6 Reasons why you MUST see Pippin

1) This production of Pippin just won the 2013 Tony for Best Revival

If you are unfamiliar, a revival is a production of a musical or a play that has been on Broadway before (although, there has been some controversy with the production of Cinderella that is running on Broadway now. Technically, the show has NEVER been on Broadway, but was considered a revival. Not really sure how I feel about that). In a time when revivals are becoming more and more popular, and are also becoming more and more successful, the competition this year was intense. Other shows in the category were The Mystery of Edwin Drood (which I saw twice and LOVED), Annie, and Cinderella. All fine productions, all very successful. What set Pippin apart? It has been completely reimagined. Drood, Annie, and Cinderella all look and feel the way you would expect them to look and feel. Pippin, on the other hand, is placed in a circus this time around and is completely different than it’s original staging. There is just so much happening on the stage that your jaw will just drop with how amazing everything is.

2) Patina Miller

She plays the role of the Leading Player, a role that created an overnight sensation of Ben Vereen. This actress is going to be HUGE, and is already immensely successful. Listen, this girl graduated school, was cast in the Whoopi Goldberg role in the musical version of Sister Act in both London and New York and nominated for a Tony Award, and then moved on to Pippin and WON THE TONY FOR BEST ACTRESS IN A MUSICAL. Guys, this just doesn’t happen. But it did for her and if you see this show, you will know EXACTLY why. Her performance was one of the strongest performances I have EVER seen before. Other than the fact that she has completely made the role her own, she commands the stage and has such amazing presence. Her dancing is incredible, her singing is outstanding, and her acting is remarkable. I am not exaggerating about this. Seriously.

3) You get to see many shirtless men.

You know that this is a perk. But really, Matthew James Thomas plays Pippin and is really great in the role. But also…. shirtless men. Come on.

4) There are so many established Broadway performers in this production.

Andrea Martin plays Pippin’s Grandmother and also won the Tony for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for this role. Think about that for one second – she is on stage for maybe 25 minutes? And WON THE TONY. She has arguably one of the best songs in the show, “No Time At All”, which you get to sing along with her. But it’s what happens on stage DURING the song that is worth the ticket price alone. I’m not going to reveal what it is, but just know that it’s magical. There’s also Terrance Mann, famous for playing Javert in Les Miserable and The Beast in Beauty and the Beast. And for you Musical Theatre nerds (I’m talking about myself), you might like to know that Charlotte d’Amboise plays Pippins step mother, and she also has an incredible career behind her. These are all really important people in the theatre so it’s such a great opportunity that they’re all in the same show!

5) Stuff like this happens.

ALL. THE. TIME. Some of the stunts in this show are just mind blowing, and there’s even magic. I wasn’t kidding when I said it’s in a circus. Many of the performers have Cirque du Soleil credits beneath their belts, so it’s no wonder why the acrobatics and stunts are mind blowing.

6) And finally…. I just wanted to reiterate Patina Miller one more time. Seriously, look at that.

Okay so I may be 256 words over the 600 word limit I’m supposed to be at, but I’m just so enthusiastic about this show. Go. See. It. Now. Never seen a Broadway show before? I couldn’t imagine a better show to be exposed to the magic of Musical Theatre.


5 thoughts on “6 Reasons why you MUST see Pippin

  1. I love how you’ve fallen into 31dbbb at yeah write as a Follower of All the Rules. We have long-time participants who blow us off on a regular basis under Section 21.3.4 You Are Not The Boss Of Me. I’ve enjoyed your first two posts and I’ll keep reading until you catch up.

    This Pattina Miller is amazing. She’s my brand new crush and I thank you for introducing her to me.

    • Thanks so much for the comment, Erica! It’s gotten to the point where I’ve realized this is maybe my 15th blog, and I’ve decided to really go for it this time. I’m so glad I’ve stumbled upon Yeah Write – it seems like such a great community and I’m excited to do these challenges!

      and FUCK YES PATTINA MILLER (sorry for swearing). She is one outstanding actress and I can’t wait to see where her career leads her.

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