“That’s My Grandma!”

I FINALLY SAW PIPPIN. (Sorry for yelling).

Let me preface this post by stating that I actually used to hate this show. I saw it poorly performed twice by high schools growing up and it really ruined my future ever including a love for Pippin.

That all changed Tuesday night at The Music Box Theatre on 45th Street. Holy. Shit. PIPPIN IS AWESOME.

I have never felt this way toward a musical before. I try to see at least two shows a month, including Off Broadway and Opera – so I’d like to think that my exposure to theatre has been pretty broad. I have never seen anything like this production of Pippin.

Because someone who’s a nerd and religiously reads Playbill.com and Broadwayworld.com, I have been following the progress of this show for quite some time. I knew that I wanted to be able to see Andrea Martin, Patina Miller, and Terrence Mann, so I was willing to put aside my feelings for the show.

BUT WHOA. I never notice the direction of a musical until said direction is BRILLIANT. The only other time I’ve ever noticed how well a show was directed was when I saw Porgy and Bess last season. Coincidence that it’s the same director? Doubt it. I never really understood the show before – I found it similar to a lecture. I didn’t understand the music, the story, nothing. However in this production, everything just clicked for me. I was able to easily follow the story, the music was fresh and exciting and commented on what was happening, and the flow of the whole show just was brilliant. Add in the whole circus element and YOU HAVE ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS I’VE EVER SEEN.

I’m sorry, I’m really trying not to yell.

Unfortunately, Andrea Martin was out on Tuesday so her understudy went on, and she was fantastic. I have a deep respect for understudies, as my friend Heidi is the understudy to Laura Osnes in Cinderella and has told me how hectic and full of pressure it is. I knew that Sabrina Harper, who went on for Andrea Martin, probably was nervous because of the shoes she had to fill. Not being able to compare her performance to Andrea Martin’s, I’m not sure how similar their performances were. But I thought she was fantastic and really made a place for herself in the show.

Patina Miller. Holy. Fuck. One of the strongest performers I have ever seen, and that’s really all I need to say about her.

I’m going to try to buy tickets again soon (I buy them through NYU because, hellooooooo, tickets are only like $45 compared to $140… DUH), so that I can see Andrea Martin, but really, just so I can see this stunning show again.

I know my reviews of shows are horribly written because 1) I don’t really review a show, I just either gush about it or rip it to shreds, and 2) well, that was really it, I guess there was only one reason, but seriously, go see this show ASAP. Wanna go with me? I’LL GO OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Seriously, I’m sorry for yelling.


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