Karma Chameleon

If you haven’t already gathered, I’M A HUGE NERD. When Apple announced iOS7, I kept reading on Tumblr about people who were able to get the beta and how cool it was. I kept telling myself “Oh just wait until it comes out for realzies, it’ll be awesomeeeee”.

OF COURSE I just couldn’t do that, so I found a download of it and installed it. Everything was going great…. until it wasn’t going great. My phone’s display no longer turns on. The phone itself is still on (I’ve had friends call my phone and it will ring like normal before it goes to voicemail). Being responsible, I made an appointment at the Apple Store on 5th Ave on Monday at their Genius Bar. Other than the fact that I missed my appointment by 5 minutes because nobody would help me sign in, they were able to get my phone back on.

But not without scolding me for running iOS7 beta. I came up with some lie, “Oh my friend is an app developer and wanted to see how his games would run on somebodies phone other than his”, but all the guy at the Apple store would say is “You need to get this off your phone. You shouldn’t have this”.

“If it turns off again like this, what can I do?” I asked.

“Get this off your phone. You shouldn’t be running a beta” He replied.

“I understand, but what if it turns off again before I get home and restore it back to the old operating system?”

He said “You shouldn’t be running beta, get this off your phone asap”.

“Thank you so much for your help today sirrrrrrr” I shouted as I stormed out of the store in a rage (Not really, I just put my head down and walked out having been bitch slapped by the Apple police”).

And OF COURSE what happens? My phone turns off again before I get home to fix it. Damn it!

I ordered a new phone off of ebay hoping that it’ll save me for a little bit while I try to figure out how to fix my phone, but I have a feeling that my poor little white iPhone may have lived its last moments. Back to the nerd thing, I do have an upgrade but I read MacRumors.com and know that the iPhone 5S will be coming out this fall, so I don’t want to waste my upgrade now and then not be able to get the 5S when it comes out.

But basically, I just have the worst Karma in the world. I knew I shouldn’t have the beta on my phone, but I JUST COULDN’T WAIT AHHHHH. And then of course my phone stops working because of it.

I’ve learned my lesson Apple Gods.


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