The Search for The Cuckoo’s Calling


Along with the rest of the world, I found out the news about J.K. Rowling’s new book Saturday night. I was laying in bed reading twitter when, low and behold, Lord Voldemort tweet about it (yes I follow him, along with Helen Keller. Both are a good time). Being late at night, I figured I would wait until morning and then I would try to find the book.

Stupid me, I didn’t even think that I’m living in one of the most populated cities in the world! I’m not longer in small-town America, I’m in NYC! Of COURSE people are going to find out the news at the same time as me. Sunday, I head to Barnes and Noble on the Upper West Side, but couldn’t find the book. I even did their “Find Book” feature on their website to find the book for me and set it aside, but 15 minutes later I received a text saying they couldn’t find it. I proceed to two more book stores on the West Side with no luck.

That night I get home and go on Barnes and Noble’s website and search the availability of the book in any of their stores within a 15 mile radius. To those that said it was still available, I did the “Find Book” feature again at least 6 of them so that I’d be able to find it at at least one of them.

Wake up Monday morning to texts from all of them saying they couldn’t find the book!

I keep thinking, and realize that maybe The Strand bookstore would probably have it, and if they didn’t I would be able to order it. Their website they didn’t have it in stock but their warehouse did, so I placed an order. Two hours later, they email me to let me know my order was canceled because they were out of stock.

I then get the brilliant idea to order the book through the NYU Bookstore thinking that nobody would even think about ordering it through them. Their website said they also didn’t have any in stock but they had over 100 copies in their warehouse. Placed an order, and an hour later receive an email saying they were sold out and my order was canceled.

I then resorted to Amazon and placed an order with the rest of the world and probably won’t receive a copy in a week or two. I know I can take the easy way out and just buy the book on iBooks or the Kindle store, but there’s just something about having a physical book from one of your favorite writers.



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