“We Can Have The Best of Everything”


To those of you (aka nobody reads this) who don’t know me very well, I’m here to reveal a secret about myself:

I….. am a reader.

Maybe not so much a secret as I’m a huge nerd and EVERYONE knows this about me, but whatever, I got your attention right? No? Anyway.

Right now I’m reading “My Year with Eleanor” by Noelle Hancock, and even though I still have 80 something pages to go, I couldn’t wait any longer to write a response to this book. Other than the fact that it is incredibly inspirational, the story itself (the real life events, I should say as it is a memoir) is fascinating. This book is definitely a beach read but seeing I live in New York City, it’s been my subway read all week.

Today while reading in bed, I came upon a quote that I thought was SPOT ON. And surprisingly, it wasn’t an Eleanor Roosevelt quote (although I have written down a couple of them), but a quote from Noelle’s friend Jessica. In regards to knowing if Noelle’s boyfriend was “The One”, Jessica says:

In New York, we can have the best of everything. It’s a city with limitless options. So we get accustomed to thinking that there’s always something better out there, because there usually is: a better apartment, a better job, a better meal at a better restaurant around the corner. We’re never satisfied. This city trains us to worry about the possibility of something better, so we’re unable to recognize when we actually have The One. Why do you think New Yorkers get married later than the rest of the country?

I thought this quote was probably the most truthful thing I have heard since I’ve moved to the city.

As I wrote in a previous post, I am currently dating an amazing guy who lives in California. Other than the distance and time difference being a factor, things have been amazing. However, we have had our ups and downs so far, which I confided into my friends for advice. One of my roommates said “Whatever you choose I’m obviously going to support you, but you’re 24 and you live in New York City. I know you like this guy, and I like him a lot too, but if the distance and time difference are going to make it too difficult to find any happiness with him, just remember you live in a city with a million guys who would be lucky to have you”.

And I thought about that all week – it’s true. Before I started dating him and I was on Grindr, it’s uncanny how the first 40 guys it lists are within 1,000 feet of me at that moment. When I was on OkCupid, there was an endless supply of potential dates in this city. This guy is in California, why him? Why not take the easy way out and find someone here who could also be amazing?

Simply put, I think this guy is The One. I’m sure there are other amazing guys in this city who would treat me well and I could possibly be the one, but he isn’t this guy from California. Nobody is him, except him. And he is the one I want.


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