Being A “Grown Up”


Have you ever had that moment where you realize that you really are just not that young anymore?

Now, I know that 24 is not technically old. However, when I imagine summer, I remember waking up late, swimming in my pool, walking to my friends house and hanging out in their back yards, going to the Drive-In movies, going out to eat, and spending quality time with my friends and family.

This summer? Work. Sleep. Repeat.

I understand that some people work 40 hours – I don’t, but I have great respect for those who do (The guy I am currently seeing works almost 70 a week). But because my job is in the same building where all my of classes were last semester, it almost feels as if school hasn’t ended for me yet. I wake up every morning, I take the dog out, and I head down to school. I work on whatever project I need to finish that day, hop back on the A train and take the dog out. For the remainder of the day, I. Am. Exhausted.

I’ve become such an old man. The idea of finishing work and spending the rest of the day on my couch is usually the most appealing thing I can think of. I take naps almost daily. No shame.

I have barely hung out with anyone this summer as well because we are all working non stop and have such mismatched schedules.

When did I grow up?



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