Only in New York


I actually took this picture, my friends. On my iPhone! How ’bout that.

Remember how I said that when I have a great audition, I usually don’t get cast? Surprise, surprise, I didn’t get cast! Haha, it’s alright though. Only 4 graduate students out of probably 15 or so got cast, so I didn’t feel too offended. The whole audition process was just so odd. During the dance call this past Sunday, I felt that I actually did pretty well (and way better than some people). However afterwards, the director called some people back in to dance, and those who danced worse than me got called back. He said it wasn’t a cut… but we all knew what that meant. We had to wait a whole week for the email to be sent revealing who got cast. Oh well, though. You can’t win them all! The only thing I was really bumbed about was not being able to do a show with my friends, or being in the Skirball Center. Hopefully I’ll get a chance after that?


Today, two very odd things happened.

  1. My friend Courtney and I were in a classroom on campus for about 6 hours working on a paper for our Feminism class (don’t ask). Of course I was procrastinating as much as I could, so I was on Grindr to see who was around that I could talk to and not write my paper. This guy and I started talking and I noticed he was very close by. I needed to go use the restroom so I headed out into the hallway, and actually ran RIGHT into this guy! We had this awkward “hello” “oh hi, I’m just going to the bathroom” “i’m here for a friends recital” “oh cool!” “yeah… but yeah Hi!” conversation. I’ve never actually ran into someone from Grindr before – even if it says they’re 200 feet away, the chance of actually running into them is so slim.
  2. On the N train heading uptown, Courtney and I were just sitting talking about how relieved we feel to have FINALLY finished our first year of grad school, when we get to 28th st and she looks out the window across the platform. She sees this guy, and says “It looks like he’s peeing!… oh wait it’s a water bottle, but it looked so real”. I look out the window too to see this black guy holding something in front of him, “peeing” onto the tracks across the platform. He looks up and notices us watching him, smiles, and then puts both hands up. There. Was. No. Water. Bottle. THAT WAS HIS DICK. He starts flapping it left and right with his hands in the air laughing at us as we hysterically scream “OH MY GOD” (yes there are other people on the train with us, no they do not know why were are screaming, no I do not care that they know). I can literally still see it when I close my eyes and I don’t know if I really want to anymore. (I must say though, for being soft, he was HUGE).

Seriously, only in New York do these things happen quite frequently.

I bought a new Canon camera today for work (but mostly for me because I’m a shopaholic and need to have all the new gadgets). I shall leave ya with a picture of mah dawggggg IZZY!



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