Reasons Why I Will Miss Smash

Smash ended tonight, and I can proudly (and embarrassingly) say that I watched every single episode. I followed it for the two seasons it was on and rooted for it, even though all the flaws that people pointed out were often 100% true. However, as I saw it, I had to be loyal to a show that was showcasing people in my profession and was about something that I actually loved.

In tribute to the show, I’ve decided to give you the reasons why I shall miss and shall not miss Smash.

Reason Why I Will Miss Smash


1) This bitch. Megan Hilty. Holy FUCK is she talented. I’ve been following her career for quite some time. I remember when I first really discovered Wicked, I was in High School and Megan had just taken over the role in the Broadway cast. This is when Youtube was fairly young but was not oblivious to the amount of bootleg videos from Broadway shows that it held. I would watch her over and over and over again and was always OBSESSED. I followed her onto 9 to 5 as well, and as soon as I saw she had signed on to Smash, I knew I had to be loyal for this very reason. Every performance on Smash that she was in was AMAZING. Although in Season 1 her character was written so terribly that I often would throw up in my mouth, Season 2 allowed her to really grow and become a much better person. All handled beautifully by Megan Hilty. I guarantee that she will be a big star soon.


2) This bitch. Debra Messing.  In case you were not aware, I am addicted to Will and Grace (click to see how I own every season and proudly display it). For awhile I noticed I was always more interested in Grace as a character opposed to Will (even though I though Will was VERY sexy, he was just so god damn annoying). Once I moved to the city and started to rewatch every sing episode, I realized why I always loved Debra Messing as Grace – she reminds me of my mom. Seriously, as gay as that may sound, Debra Messing looks like my mother, sounds like my mother, and acts like my mother. I thought, ohhhh maybe it’s the character Grace. BUT! Then I watched all of her movies and now Smash? Nope, it’s Debra Messing. She is seriously one of the finest and most underrated actresses working today and I would DIE if she did a show on Broadway. It’s been noted that she’s already signed on to a new series and I cannot wait for that. I will remain loyal. AND GOD THAT HAIR COLOR! YES.

3) THE MUSIC OMGZ. Seriously, listen to “Let’s Be Bad”, “The 20th Century Fox Mambo”, “The National Pastime”, “They Just Keep Moving The Line”… omg the list just keeps going. Seriously, Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman wrote some of the most amazing Musical Theatre music I have ever heard, and if you listen to the Bombshell cast recording, it’s basically a whole new musical. It makes me wonder if they’ll consider making it an actual production – Just today Marc wrote a facebook post giving a bit more background to the songs they wrote and what context they would be in. The show never went into it, so the post is really amazing. Although I was not a fan of their score for Catch Me If You Can, Hairspray remains one of my favorites and I can’t wait to see what they write next.

4) Andy. Mientus. UGH BE MY BOYFRIEND.

Reasons why I will NOT miss Smash

1) Jeremy Jordan. I’m sorry, I don’t know why but I just CAN’T like him. First of all, he makes the uglies “angry” faces. His jaw scares me. His mouth is HUGE (and not in a good way, guys). When he sings, it looks like it hurts him (which it shouldn’t). I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that it was poor character writing (even though we was even terrible in Joyful Noise… hmm), but all he did was yell, whine, cry, and use that scary jaw. Yup.

2) Jack Davenport. Even though I loved him in the Pirates movies, why was he terrible in this? Maybe I just don’t like characters who look bored, because he basically slept through every scene he was in (and in most cases, that pun in intended). Even though they wrapped up his storyline well, I just was annoyed by him every time.

Hm, guess those are the only 2. Just shows that there were many things in the show that I actually liked. Now it’s over.

Cut, Print… Moving on.